Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Quiz Woodpecker 4

Here is the next woodpecker quiz. Can you ID it to species ? Can you say what sex the bird is ?


Anonymous said...

I guess this is a dendrocopus syriacus based on black tail and small barring (streaking) on belly-sides. I will look more on your page to see if i´m right.

Cheers/Mattias Nordlund, Sweden

Anonymous said...

I thought Syrian too, but I don't think you can tell what sex here, can you? Can't see the nape!


Gerard Gorman: said...

Mattias and Mike, thanks for your comments, and you are both correct. It is a Dendrocopos syriacus - Syrian Woodpecker. Based on black tail lacking white and pink undertail coverts. The "small barring (streaking) on belly-sides" is helpful but not diagnostic. And Mike, that's right, too, you can't sex this bird.