Sunday, 27 March 2011

Quiz woodpecker 39

Which species is this ? And why ? Photo taken by Thomas Hochebner in Austria.


Anonymous said...

Choices are Syrian or Great Spotted WP. The post-aurical stripe isn't visible, but the deep red rather than ligter red or even pinkish coloring on the abdomen towards the tail makes me think it’s a Great Spotted WP. Also the red seems to cover a larger area of the abdomen(up to the legs)than in Syrian WP. Maybe even the same individual posted on Feb. 25? It is the exact same tree and photographer.


Gerard Gorman said...

Correct Robin, a Great Spotted. Another factor is all the white in the outer tail.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Robin,
you are allright, it is the same tree - but the foto posted on Feb. 25 showed a male (taken on Feb. 25 2008) whereas the mistery bird is a female (of course not visible on this foto), taken on March 9 2008.
Grettings Thomas Hochebner

Anonymous said...

Sorry - must be greetings! TH

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