Sunday, 3 January 2010

Quiz woodpecker 32

This should be quite easy. But is it ? Which European woodpecker species is it ? And why ? And the sex ?


Simon C said...

Hi Gerard

Looks like Syrian to me. Seems to lack post auricular stripe connecting to black at back of head. Not sure about sex though. Difficult to tell in this picture.


Gerard Gorman said...

Simon, that is why i posted it. the bird is far away and obscured. key features cannot be seen clearly, as if often the case in the field. but, sorry, it is not Syrian, it is Great Spotted. look at the undertail coverts and ventral area, very red, not pink. the extent of the post auricular stripe, which many folks concentrate on to separate these two species, is not always clear.

Simon C said...

Oh well - hopefully I'll do better with the flamebacks!