Thursday, 17 January 2008

Further reading

Here is a selection of articles on woodpeckers that I have published in the popular birding magazines in Europe:

In English:
Identifying the presence of woodpecker (Picidae) species on the basis of their holes and signs. Aquila, Vol. 102. (1995).
Black Woodpecker in Europe - Britain next? Birding World Vol. 11. 10 (1998).
The Rot Sets In (White-backed Woodpecker) Birdwatch, Issue 77, Nov 1998.
Pecking Order (Finding Woodpeckers). Birdwatch, Issue 81, March 1999.
The Identification of Syrian Woodpecker. Alula, Vol. 5, 3/1999.
Three-toed Woodpecker - species, races, clines. Birding World, Vol. 17. 5. May 2004.
Drum major (White-backed Woodpecker ID). Birdwatch, Issue 145, July 2004.

In Finnish:
Syyriantikan maarrittaminen. Alula, Vol. 5, 3/1999.

In Swedish:
Balkanspetten sprider sig norrut i Europa. Var Fagelvarld, 5/1997.

In Hungarian:
Atipikus farokmintázatú nagy fakopáncs. (Great Spotted Woodpecker with atypical tail colouration). Túzok, Vol. 2. No. 4 (1997).
Harkalyok nyomaban. Madartavlat, Vol. 5, No. 1. 1998.
Balkáni fakopáncs (Dendropcopos syriacus) műhelyei. (Syrian Woodpecker Anvils) Túzok, Vol. 4. No. 4 (1999).

In French:
Identification du Pic syriaque (Dendrocopos syriacus) et repartition en Europe. Ornithos, Vol. 3. No. 4 (1996).

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